Thursday, August 30, 2012

Age Of Military Shooters. Will it End?

For all you Gamers out there that don't know, I like Battlefield 3, just as much as I like to see another fucking 1st person shooter that comes the following year. Or month, what ever floats your boat. If your too slow to understand, I mean I don't like it... that fucking much. Seriously do we need a new sequel to another generic first person military shooter, every damn year. I enjoy Battlefield, I really do, but to a fucking extent. Hmm let me see if I can somewhat list all of them up, Black Ops 2, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, and now, Whoa!? BATTLEFIELD FUCKING FOUR!!!!. So what are they just waiting for the most opportune time to reveal Bad Company 3. WHY!? why do we need these games every year. I mean we have already proven the facts of stupid Gamers who continue to buy the same IP every year, but really... in all honesty... do we need a Black Ops 2. Aren't people still playing Modern Warfare 3, or did everyone realize it's the same shit from 2 years ago.
"Oh! but Kaiser Fox, they added the all new..." I don't give a fuck what they added!. What I want them to add is a new fucking IP that isn't a FPS military perk system shooter. What are they doing, just leaving that job up too Ubi Soft. Oh wait they're doing the same thing, with Assassins Creed, can't wait for them to start doing that with the Splinter Cell, but at least they're working on that new Modern Cyber Punkish IP called Watch Dogs. Yea sure it reminds me of GTA meets every other shooter with a cover system, but at least it's something new that I have high expectations about. I don't have High expectation for Black Ops 2 or Warfighter, simply because, I know what to expect. Do they even try to blow our expectations out of the water anymore, or guess they just found a system that works, and consumers continue to buy into it. My only question is, will it burn out, or fade away.


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  1. Franchises are a sure thing. They will continue unless the money says otherwise. The most you can do is just search for games that pique your interest rather than concentrate on what Video Game Hollywood is trying to sell you.