Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unplayed Impressions - Star Wars 1313

I'm going to get this out the way first, I'am in no way shape or form a Star Wars fan. I've seen the movies, and found them boring and very coincidental, yet somewhat entertaining at some parts, but that's not what this article is about. This is about Star Wars 1313, now I knew about this game, when put out the teaser, and when it was on a cover of a new issue of GameInformer Magazine. It reminded me of a new version of Star Wars Bounty Hunter from the N64 era, just by looking at the picture I blessed you guys and gals with above. Now I was up late indulging my Persona 4 Arena fixation, when I decieded to check out, and I came across a new trailer for 1313. To my surprise, it rocked my fucking Gonads off, it was a blockbuster trailer. Then I saw gameplay... I couldn't help but scratch my head, with a confused look on my face and ask myself..."Is Naughty Dog making this!?". The whole gameplay trailer looked like something straight from the Uncharted series, now am I saying this is a bad thing. Fuck No! Uncharted did it, but they did it well. Gamers don't look at Uncharted and say well that looks like Gears of War, that's cause it developed it's own identity by taking ideas from other Games and Movies and making them look... Stylish.
1313 has already received the name Uncharted Wars by gamers, in my opinion the game looks good, familiar to another game... FUUUUUUCK YES!. Now I'm an Uncharted Fan Boy, but before you Drake fans start bad mouthing 1313, cause i know it's gonna happen. Let's give it a chance to shine, we did it for Uncharted.

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