Friday, October 12, 2012

Unplayed Impressions - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

So I'm taking a break from the cluster fuck that are called 1st person shooters, until  the release of The War Z Alpha comes out, and I got to play a few sections of the new Real Time Strategy known as XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Now I was really interested in this game but was a little scared to buy it, but I have to say... This game is fucking great. It's so easy and assesable to control your soldiers, I just jumped right in and started playing and loved it. To be honest by the little bit that I played, I really have nothing bad to say... yet.

I'll keep playing and bring you guys a more in depth review.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Resident Evil 6: So I Was Right???

I think this is the funniest thing ever. Not the fact that I knew this game was going be a complete piece of I'm gonna copy American shooters shit fest. No that's far from the case, it's just the fact Capcom came out and said that there is no market for a survival horror game, and now it seems that Gamers as well as Journalist are speaking up to say "Fuck you Capcom, your wrong!". Playing the demo, I completely canceled my reserve, although I thought twice about it, I stuck by my decision. 

Today I got to play the game for about 3 hours, really because that's all I could take. The game feels like a chore to play, then that got me thinking. Everyone is saying this game is poorly made, and that it has ruined the franchise. What if it was a brand new franchise in the making? would it have gotten the low scores by some of the most visited gaming websites on the net. I think people as well as myself are stuck on the fact that Resident Evil is a game that made it's name on Survival Horror, and if we want a mind-less Turd Person Shooter we could go to Gears of War. Fans don't mind if the game evolves into better horror game, but to completely change into a different fucking genre is absurd. If this game didn't bare the name Resident Evil on it, I think people would have felt different towards the game, but I also think that Capcom is afraid to take that risk. 

I don't know why but... after this RE title.... as much as I hate to say this.... I smell a Reboot coming.