Thursday, August 30, 2012

Age Of Military Shooters. Will it End?

For all you Gamers out there that don't know, I like Battlefield 3, just as much as I like to see another fucking 1st person shooter that comes the following year. Or month, what ever floats your boat. If your too slow to understand, I mean I don't like it... that fucking much. Seriously do we need a new sequel to another generic first person military shooter, every damn year. I enjoy Battlefield, I really do, but to a fucking extent. Hmm let me see if I can somewhat list all of them up, Black Ops 2, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, and now, Whoa!? BATTLEFIELD FUCKING FOUR!!!!. So what are they just waiting for the most opportune time to reveal Bad Company 3. WHY!? why do we need these games every year. I mean we have already proven the facts of stupid Gamers who continue to buy the same IP every year, but really... in all honesty... do we need a Black Ops 2. Aren't people still playing Modern Warfare 3, or did everyone realize it's the same shit from 2 years ago.
"Oh! but Kaiser Fox, they added the all new..." I don't give a fuck what they added!. What I want them to add is a new fucking IP that isn't a FPS military perk system shooter. What are they doing, just leaving that job up too Ubi Soft. Oh wait they're doing the same thing, with Assassins Creed, can't wait for them to start doing that with the Splinter Cell, but at least they're working on that new Modern Cyber Punkish IP called Watch Dogs. Yea sure it reminds me of GTA meets every other shooter with a cover system, but at least it's something new that I have high expectations about. I don't have High expectation for Black Ops 2 or Warfighter, simply because, I know what to expect. Do they even try to blow our expectations out of the water anymore, or guess they just found a system that works, and consumers continue to buy into it. My only question is, will it burn out, or fade away.


Friday, August 24, 2012

1st Impressions - State of Decay

Last night at around 3:47am in the morning, I watched a debut trailer for an Xbox 360 exclusive developed by Undead Labs called, State of Decay. I haven't been more excited for a game since I saw the debut trailer for Uncharted 3. State of Decay is exactly what Zombie Fans and I have been asking for, for years. An open world, Zombie survival game that you can play with friends. "Why are you so happy for this game" you might ask. Well I will fucking tell you why, it's a Zombie survival game, with character customization, also you have to the ability to find houses, and other establishments and turn them into safe havens for yourself and other survivors, and last but not least, you have to go into different towns to salvage Food, Ammo, and other supplies to survive the next day, Ammo is scarce so it's better to sneak around the fast moving undead. Oh and you can drive fucking cars!, GTA just had intercourse with Day-Z, and Fallout 3 survival mechanic in the same night, and for some reason had a disfigured baby that everyone wants to play. Now mind you the graphics aren't triple A Max Payne 3 graphics, but who gives a fuck, if the game is fun to play.

Here is the link to the Debut trailer, hope you guys enjoy it as much as  I did. -

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Is A True Gamer?

 The day is sunny, the clouds are blowing in the wind, I stand outside on my doorstep, and you know what I say to myself... I think I'm going to go to Gamestop today. Yeah!, no fucking picnics, ohhh nooo, non of that going to the beach shit, to go get my Guido tan on, fuck NO!, I'm going to Gamestop. Little to my surprise while I'm there talking to a friend who is the Manager there, my friend and I get into a discussion with a Gramer. If you don't know what a Gramer is, go over to, and watch episode two of a online show called Nametags it will explain it all. Anyway we get into this pointless conversation about Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Medal of Honor Warfighter, and the whole time I'm just thinking to myself, WHY... THE FUCK!. Are we really talking about this? So I try to change the subject, and mention F-Zero... yea I know Random!.
The look on his face was as if he just got mind fucked by a headcrab. " What game is that?, is it on the PS3" he says. My jaw almost dropped so far to the floor, I could practically pick it up and throw it over my head, and wear it as a face mask and hat. For almost Thirty-five minutes this guy has been telling me how much of a Gamer he is, and explainning his K/D ratio like I'm suppost to fucking care.
So this raised my eyebrow, and I asked him. What else do you play?, He actually Responded by telling me every modern Call of Duty game, and the slight mention of Gears of War and Halo. I laughed, rolled my eyes and said, " Ha! YOUR NOT A TRUE GAMER!" turned around walked away and continued my search on purchasing a game for my mid day enjoyment. Then I got to thinking later in the day, What is a true gamer?, someone who has beaten the first Castlevania?, someone who knows what the fuck F-Zero is?. Now I asked some friends of mine, this question and they just laughed at the guy from me telling them the story, but it doesn't even end there, why do some! not all, but some Gamers of my generation look down on the ones who love to play Call of Duty?. Does a person have to know every fucking old school game libary to be called a Gamer?, Do they need to know what Tri-Force is, and know it's linked to Zelda?, FUCK NO!!!. If you play games, and enjoy doing it, your a Gamer. If you enjoy playing Call of Duty all the time, your a fucking gamer... just not the kind I like to get into a conversation with.

And just because you play Call of Duty, or Battlefield or any other first person shooter, that doesn't mean your a FUCKING GUN EXPERT!. GEEZ!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gaming!? What ever happened to the fun???

Now don't get your panties all in a bunch, games are still fun... some are... for a little while I mean. With all the big budget titles coming out, and asshole Gamers already judging games before they even hit store shelves. I've been keeping my eyes open to the Gaming Community, and all the games coming out since Resident Evil 5. Capcom spent shit tons of money to get this game made, instead of using it to feed a hungry child in Ethiopia, and what happens, the game gets bad mouthed saying how it sucks. Now if I remember correctly, the game had good graphics, soundtrack was movie quality, and it worked when you popped it into your Console or PC, and it was quite entertaining.

What ever happened to the game just being plain ol fun?

 I grew up in the Nintendo era, after the Atari 5200, the gaming crash, and all that other exciting shitacular gaming epidemic stuff. What ever happened to playing a game, and even though it sucked all ass... You played through it anyway. Now I remember playing a game called Rival Turf... Now understand this, I played this game a couple of weeks after I got my taste of Final Fight 2, so to me at the time, this game was complete ASS!. But dispite that the game sucked, I still played it, and had a good time doing so. The era of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis was my favorite era. To this day I still have those machines hooked up to my TV, and I play those games more now than I do my Xbox and PS3 (PS3's lucky if it gets any love at all).
Now a days it seems I'm just playing the games, just to play them. I'm not having that fun that I used to anymore. When I'm done with a game I have this look on my face like, "yep knew that was coming." or my personal favorite "guess I'll go and try multi-player now.". WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!, I mean games are still fun, but not like how they used to be. Now it's seems it has become the equivalent to channel surfing... It's there to just past the time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unplayed Impressions - Star Wars 1313

I'm going to get this out the way first, I'am in no way shape or form a Star Wars fan. I've seen the movies, and found them boring and very coincidental, yet somewhat entertaining at some parts, but that's not what this article is about. This is about Star Wars 1313, now I knew about this game, when put out the teaser, and when it was on a cover of a new issue of GameInformer Magazine. It reminded me of a new version of Star Wars Bounty Hunter from the N64 era, just by looking at the picture I blessed you guys and gals with above. Now I was up late indulging my Persona 4 Arena fixation, when I decieded to check out, and I came across a new trailer for 1313. To my surprise, it rocked my fucking Gonads off, it was a blockbuster trailer. Then I saw gameplay... I couldn't help but scratch my head, with a confused look on my face and ask myself..."Is Naughty Dog making this!?". The whole gameplay trailer looked like something straight from the Uncharted series, now am I saying this is a bad thing. Fuck No! Uncharted did it, but they did it well. Gamers don't look at Uncharted and say well that looks like Gears of War, that's cause it developed it's own identity by taking ideas from other Games and Movies and making them look... Stylish.
1313 has already received the name Uncharted Wars by gamers, in my opinion the game looks good, familiar to another game... FUUUUUUCK YES!. Now I'm an Uncharted Fan Boy, but before you Drake fans start bad mouthing 1313, cause i know it's gonna happen. Let's give it a chance to shine, we did it for Uncharted.

Fallout 3 - So Far, So Wait, Huh!?

Now before you all go and start saying "UGH! WHAT!? You just started playing Fallout 3, fucking Noob!". Look dick the game was boring... at first, allow me to elaborate. I bought this game, a couple of months after launch, I played it for about and hour and some change, and couldn't get over how boring it was. I made it to the first town, which name sounds like it was named after a transforming Decepticon, and went off to explore the Wasteland. You want to know what happened... Super Mutants handed my ass back to me on a silver fucking platter. Those shit stains are everywhere I couldn't dodge them, so I quit playing the game.
This process recycled it self about 4 times since i had the game. Leave Vault 101, travel to Megaton, explore, GET YOUR DICK KICKED!. Although through the polluted fog of 1st and turd person shooters, I decided to give Fallout 3 another chance a week ago, and retraced some steps. I left Vault 101, traveled to Megaton, Talked to some people, and ended up in a Super Market filled with Raiders. You want to know what happened... I kicked ass, and chew bubblegum, since that I kept playing, and playing, and playing, and Whoa SHIT!!! WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!. I couldn't stand this game months before, now I'm hooked to the bitch like a Crackhead is to Cocaine. Once you get into the groove of what Fallout 3 is, it's a lot of fun. My favorite part of the game is that it's very survival oriented. My mistakes before is that I tried to play this game like a traditional 1st person shooter, now just to make it seem like something else. I mostly play the game in 3rd person, and switch to 1st person for the harder shots.
Now I'm not far into the game, I've only been doing side quests, so far I'm level 11, and just discovered Underworld, I haven't even met Three-dog yet, so I'm still at the beginning. Now if I beat this addicting heroine storm, maybe I'll give it my own review, but until then, so far, so good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2nd Impressions - Persona 4 Arena

So just came from Gamestop, and I bought a popular series I had some idea existed but never looked into. Persona 4 Arena. Now let me just say this, i don't know what this game is about, im not familiar with any of the characters, I heard about Persona 4 Arena when it was first announced. I bought this game just on the sole purpose that it looked good. Little to my surprise, when I got home and pop it into my Xbox 360 tray, it is better than I hoped. It's flashy and entertaining, there is just one problem I have with the game... IT'S TOO DAMN EASY!. Now this is just my opinion, but the game doesn't feel like you need any sort of skill, cause you can just spam the x button and pull off the coolest looking combo ever, the cool part about it is that it makes you look like a pro at the game, and anyone can pick up this game and be good at it. So far me and my buddies are loving the game dispute the fact that we like a more challenging game, we're going to keep playing it, and maybe give it a more in depth review one day.