Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Is A True Gamer?

 The day is sunny, the clouds are blowing in the wind, I stand outside on my doorstep, and you know what I say to myself... I think I'm going to go to Gamestop today. Yeah!, no fucking picnics, ohhh nooo, non of that going to the beach shit, to go get my Guido tan on, fuck NO!, I'm going to Gamestop. Little to my surprise while I'm there talking to a friend who is the Manager there, my friend and I get into a discussion with a Gramer. If you don't know what a Gramer is, go over to screwattack.com, and watch episode two of a online show called Nametags it will explain it all. Anyway we get into this pointless conversation about Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Medal of Honor Warfighter, and the whole time I'm just thinking to myself, WHY... THE FUCK!. Are we really talking about this? So I try to change the subject, and mention F-Zero... yea I know Random!.
The look on his face was as if he just got mind fucked by a headcrab. " What game is that?, is it on the PS3" he says. My jaw almost dropped so far to the floor, I could practically pick it up and throw it over my head, and wear it as a face mask and hat. For almost Thirty-five minutes this guy has been telling me how much of a Gamer he is, and explainning his K/D ratio like I'm suppost to fucking care.
So this raised my eyebrow, and I asked him. What else do you play?, He actually Responded by telling me every modern Call of Duty game, and the slight mention of Gears of War and Halo. I laughed, rolled my eyes and said, " Ha! YOUR NOT A TRUE GAMER!" turned around walked away and continued my search on purchasing a game for my mid day enjoyment. Then I got to thinking later in the day, What is a true gamer?, someone who has beaten the first Castlevania?, someone who knows what the fuck F-Zero is?. Now I asked some friends of mine, this question and they just laughed at the guy from me telling them the story, but it doesn't even end there, why do some! not all, but some Gamers of my generation look down on the ones who love to play Call of Duty?. Does a person have to know every fucking old school game libary to be called a Gamer?, Do they need to know what Tri-Force is, and know it's linked to Zelda?, FUCK NO!!!. If you play games, and enjoy doing it, your a Gamer. If you enjoy playing Call of Duty all the time, your a fucking gamer... just not the kind I like to get into a conversation with.

And just because you play Call of Duty, or Battlefield or any other first person shooter, that doesn't mean your a FUCKING GUN EXPERT!. GEEZ!!!

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