Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2nd Impressions - Persona 4 Arena

So just came from Gamestop, and I bought a popular series I had some idea existed but never looked into. Persona 4 Arena. Now let me just say this, i don't know what this game is about, im not familiar with any of the characters, I heard about Persona 4 Arena when it was first announced. I bought this game just on the sole purpose that it looked good. Little to my surprise, when I got home and pop it into my Xbox 360 tray, it is better than I hoped. It's flashy and entertaining, there is just one problem I have with the game... IT'S TOO DAMN EASY!. Now this is just my opinion, but the game doesn't feel like you need any sort of skill, cause you can just spam the x button and pull off the coolest looking combo ever, the cool part about it is that it makes you look like a pro at the game, and anyone can pick up this game and be good at it. So far me and my buddies are loving the game dispute the fact that we like a more challenging game, we're going to keep playing it, and maybe give it a more in depth review one day.

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