Friday, August 17, 2012

Gaming!? What ever happened to the fun???

Now don't get your panties all in a bunch, games are still fun... some are... for a little while I mean. With all the big budget titles coming out, and asshole Gamers already judging games before they even hit store shelves. I've been keeping my eyes open to the Gaming Community, and all the games coming out since Resident Evil 5. Capcom spent shit tons of money to get this game made, instead of using it to feed a hungry child in Ethiopia, and what happens, the game gets bad mouthed saying how it sucks. Now if I remember correctly, the game had good graphics, soundtrack was movie quality, and it worked when you popped it into your Console or PC, and it was quite entertaining.

What ever happened to the game just being plain ol fun?

 I grew up in the Nintendo era, after the Atari 5200, the gaming crash, and all that other exciting shitacular gaming epidemic stuff. What ever happened to playing a game, and even though it sucked all ass... You played through it anyway. Now I remember playing a game called Rival Turf... Now understand this, I played this game a couple of weeks after I got my taste of Final Fight 2, so to me at the time, this game was complete ASS!. But dispite that the game sucked, I still played it, and had a good time doing so. The era of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis was my favorite era. To this day I still have those machines hooked up to my TV, and I play those games more now than I do my Xbox and PS3 (PS3's lucky if it gets any love at all).
Now a days it seems I'm just playing the games, just to play them. I'm not having that fun that I used to anymore. When I'm done with a game I have this look on my face like, "yep knew that was coming." or my personal favorite "guess I'll go and try multi-player now.". WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!, I mean games are still fun, but not like how they used to be. Now it's seems it has become the equivalent to channel surfing... It's there to just past the time.

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