Friday, February 21, 2014

Go 4 Broke Returning!?

Once again, we have returned, the cast of Go 4 Broke is coming back with season 2 that has been well over due, check out they're youtube channel.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Unplayed Impressions - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

So I'm taking a break from the cluster fuck that are called 1st person shooters, until  the release of The War Z Alpha comes out, and I got to play a few sections of the new Real Time Strategy known as XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Now I was really interested in this game but was a little scared to buy it, but I have to say... This game is fucking great. It's so easy and assesable to control your soldiers, I just jumped right in and started playing and loved it. To be honest by the little bit that I played, I really have nothing bad to say... yet.

I'll keep playing and bring you guys a more in depth review.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Resident Evil 6: So I Was Right???

I think this is the funniest thing ever. Not the fact that I knew this game was going be a complete piece of I'm gonna copy American shooters shit fest. No that's far from the case, it's just the fact Capcom came out and said that there is no market for a survival horror game, and now it seems that Gamers as well as Journalist are speaking up to say "Fuck you Capcom, your wrong!". Playing the demo, I completely canceled my reserve, although I thought twice about it, I stuck by my decision. 

Today I got to play the game for about 3 hours, really because that's all I could take. The game feels like a chore to play, then that got me thinking. Everyone is saying this game is poorly made, and that it has ruined the franchise. What if it was a brand new franchise in the making? would it have gotten the low scores by some of the most visited gaming websites on the net. I think people as well as myself are stuck on the fact that Resident Evil is a game that made it's name on Survival Horror, and if we want a mind-less Turd Person Shooter we could go to Gears of War. Fans don't mind if the game evolves into better horror game, but to completely change into a different fucking genre is absurd. If this game didn't bare the name Resident Evil on it, I think people would have felt different towards the game, but I also think that Capcom is afraid to take that risk. 

I don't know why but... after this RE title.... as much as I hate to say this.... I smell a Reboot coming.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Is Resident Evil 6!?

I haven't been playing my 360 to much, cause I recently upgraded my PC and I wanted to get some PC gaming in, and finish some games that I haven't played in quite some time. Yesterday evening I decided to turn on my Xbox, just to say Hi to some friends online, only to see one of my Friends playing a public demo version of Resident Evil 6. Now is it just me or is Capcom still fucking up?. When the first trailer came out, I was so pumped for this game. Then I saw the Leon gameplay and completely lost interest, but playing the demo just a couple of hours ago, has sealed it's way into having an identity crisis, that doesn't star Superman. I started off playing the Leon gameplay, just because he's the first name on the list of three, Leon, Chris, and Jake. I started playing and I have to admit, this game looks amazing, it doesn't have clunky controls, everything is fine... there is just one problem. THIS ISN'T A FUCKING RESIDENT EVIL GAME!, I almost felt like I was playing Resident Evil: The Army of Two Edition Guest Starring Gears of War. Leon's Scenario was the only one I played all the way to the end of the demo, which lasted like ten to fifteen minutes. Then proceeded to play the Chris Scenario, only eight minutes in, I got killed by some gun toting mutation with nine eyes on his face. I only played the Jake Scenario for like four minutes, cause I couldn't take playing this game any more, if this game was a new IP I might be a little interested. It's almost as if Capcom is trying to sell us what they think we want, instead of making a great Resident Evil game. Right after I was done I deleted the demo from my hard drive and never looked back. Resident Evil 6 Demo made me do the complete opposite of what it was intended to do, Make me want to buy the game. It just made me pop in Resident Evil 2 or play Dead Space 2 for the first time. Besides... Resident Evil 6 Gold is right around the corner anyway, I'll just wait until it's in the bargain bin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Top 5 Video Game Characters, That Need to be BITCH-SLAPPED!

With all the Video Game Characters out there, they're are quite a few characters that really bring my piss to a boil. Some I just think are quite ridiculous from showing complete stupidity at the wrong times, and others just annoy me. This is my top five Video Game Characters that need to be bitch slapped.

Otacon MGS 1

 Ok come on lets be real for a sec... No one, and I mean no one liked Otacon when we first met him. He was a winey little bitch, who pissed his panties and asked us about love, when bullets are flying. He was quite annoying and needed a bitch slap, but the Vagina grew on us like Crabs, and stayed by our side in the end.

Elliot Salem
Now before I continue on Salem, I'm talking Salem from the 1st game. I don't know who the Salem from the 2nd game is. For all I know it wasn't him at all, but in the 1st installment Elliot Salem was  annoying but badass at the same time. and would ask stupid questions at the wrong time, and his time was due for a pretty good bitch slap when he asks you about a Ghostface Killah Album in the middle of a god damn War Zone.

Oh! NO! HE DIDN'T!, oh yes I did, I'm going there. He's Angry through more than three games, He likes orgies, but still upset, so that means he gets bitches. He gets his revenge, but still upset...Really!?......BITCH SLAP!

Cloud Strife
OHHHH! Shit! Yes I messing with Mr. Amnesia, Now don't get me wrong, I liked Cloud... at first. Even through the fact when I found out he was living someone else memories. He was quiet, yet determined... but after watching Advent Children...*Sigh* Quiet and Depressed. You just saved a fucking planet... Get over it! BITCH SLAP!!!
Nathan Drake

Bet you didn't see this coming huh... now most of you know, I'm a huge Uncharted fan, Hell I'm a Fanboy for this game, but I have to say. Nathan Drake is a Grade A Asshole, what kinda dick continuously peer pressures his friends into risking they're lives with him. It's bad enough He barley makes it out of his own situations, but he has this way of convincing the people around him to do the same. Then when they either get seriously injured or killed off, that's when he's sorry...BITCH SLAP TIMES 10 WITH A ADDED KAYOKEN, AND SOME HADUKENS.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The War Z... Wait This Isn't...!?

I heard about this game when the Debut Alpha Gameplay demonstration came out on I was so excited I was like, "YOOOOO!!! Day Z stand alone looks great!, but why the title change". Then I found out it was another fucking company, making another game like Day Z. Now I've never played Day Z, but I know enough about the game, that you would believe that I actually own a copy of the fucker. Now it took me maybe an hour or so of some research and meddling around in the forms to realize this wasn't Day Z, and the only reason why I was confused is because, on The War Z's website, it keeps saying it is the first Zombie Survival MMO, now if i'm not correct wasn't Day Z first. Now if I'm wrong, please feel free to correct my stupid ass for being a Noob at a game that has taken over so many other lives.
 As of now I have no issues with the game, except the Title... War Z, really!? War Z that's the best they could come up with... I could come up with better titles that don't copy Day Z or World War Z. "Deadlands, War of Decays, Survival of the fittest, BrainDead, War In Shadows, DeadNoon, Shadows of the Damn... oh wait". Now that I got that out of my system, let me repeat, I have no issues with the game, I will be getting this game along with the Day Z stand alone, to test them both out. But some fans of Day Z are... how do I say it... Being HATERRRRSSSS. Why!? Because they have the right to hate. Embrace the hate, it's what keeps the competition going between fans and developers. What I find funny is that Gamers are butt hurt cause The War Z is basically a port of the Developer's PC title War Inc., but I think to myself... doesn't Call Of Duty do it every fucking year, they've been using the same god damned game engine since the first Modern Warfare, and hasn't look back since. We have to remember, all the good ideas have been taken years ago, just look at all the reboots. Everyone takes ideas from something to build on and make it better than it's predecessor, maybe The War Z might surprise us this fall... you never know.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Age Of Military Shooters. Will it End?

For all you Gamers out there that don't know, I like Battlefield 3, just as much as I like to see another fucking 1st person shooter that comes the following year. Or month, what ever floats your boat. If your too slow to understand, I mean I don't like it... that fucking much. Seriously do we need a new sequel to another generic first person military shooter, every damn year. I enjoy Battlefield, I really do, but to a fucking extent. Hmm let me see if I can somewhat list all of them up, Black Ops 2, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, and now, Whoa!? BATTLEFIELD FUCKING FOUR!!!!. So what are they just waiting for the most opportune time to reveal Bad Company 3. WHY!? why do we need these games every year. I mean we have already proven the facts of stupid Gamers who continue to buy the same IP every year, but really... in all honesty... do we need a Black Ops 2. Aren't people still playing Modern Warfare 3, or did everyone realize it's the same shit from 2 years ago.
"Oh! but Kaiser Fox, they added the all new..." I don't give a fuck what they added!. What I want them to add is a new fucking IP that isn't a FPS military perk system shooter. What are they doing, just leaving that job up too Ubi Soft. Oh wait they're doing the same thing, with Assassins Creed, can't wait for them to start doing that with the Splinter Cell, but at least they're working on that new Modern Cyber Punkish IP called Watch Dogs. Yea sure it reminds me of GTA meets every other shooter with a cover system, but at least it's something new that I have high expectations about. I don't have High expectation for Black Ops 2 or Warfighter, simply because, I know what to expect. Do they even try to blow our expectations out of the water anymore, or guess they just found a system that works, and consumers continue to buy into it. My only question is, will it burn out, or fade away.