Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The War Z... Wait This Isn't...!?

I heard about this game when the Debut Alpha Gameplay demonstration came out on Gamefailers.com. I was so excited I was like, "YOOOOO!!! Day Z stand alone looks great!, but why the title change". Then I found out it was another fucking company, making another game like Day Z. Now I've never played Day Z, but I know enough about the game, that you would believe that I actually own a copy of the fucker. Now it took me maybe an hour or so of some research and meddling around in the forms to realize this wasn't Day Z, and the only reason why I was confused is because, on The War Z's website, it keeps saying it is the first Zombie Survival MMO, now if i'm not correct wasn't Day Z first. Now if I'm wrong, please feel free to correct my stupid ass for being a Noob at a game that has taken over so many other lives.
 As of now I have no issues with the game, except the Title... War Z, really!? War Z that's the best they could come up with... I could come up with better titles that don't copy Day Z or World War Z. "Deadlands, War of Decays, Survival of the fittest, BrainDead, War In Shadows, DeadNoon, Shadows of the Damn... oh wait". Now that I got that out of my system, let me repeat, I have no issues with the game, I will be getting this game along with the Day Z stand alone, to test them both out. But some fans of Day Z are... how do I say it... Being HATERRRRSSSS. Why!? Because they have the right to hate. Embrace the hate, it's what keeps the competition going between fans and developers. What I find funny is that Gamers are butt hurt cause The War Z is basically a port of the Developer's PC title War Inc., but I think to myself... doesn't Call Of Duty do it every fucking year, they've been using the same god damned game engine since the first Modern Warfare, and hasn't look back since. We have to remember, all the good ideas have been taken years ago, just look at all the reboots. Everyone takes ideas from something to build on and make it better than it's predecessor, maybe The War Z might surprise us this fall... you never know.

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