Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Is Resident Evil 6!?

I haven't been playing my 360 to much, cause I recently upgraded my PC and I wanted to get some PC gaming in, and finish some games that I haven't played in quite some time. Yesterday evening I decided to turn on my Xbox, just to say Hi to some friends online, only to see one of my Friends playing a public demo version of Resident Evil 6. Now is it just me or is Capcom still fucking up?. When the first trailer came out, I was so pumped for this game. Then I saw the Leon gameplay and completely lost interest, but playing the demo just a couple of hours ago, has sealed it's way into having an identity crisis, that doesn't star Superman. I started off playing the Leon gameplay, just because he's the first name on the list of three, Leon, Chris, and Jake. I started playing and I have to admit, this game looks amazing, it doesn't have clunky controls, everything is fine... there is just one problem. THIS ISN'T A FUCKING RESIDENT EVIL GAME!, I almost felt like I was playing Resident Evil: The Army of Two Edition Guest Starring Gears of War. Leon's Scenario was the only one I played all the way to the end of the demo, which lasted like ten to fifteen minutes. Then proceeded to play the Chris Scenario, only eight minutes in, I got killed by some gun toting mutation with nine eyes on his face. I only played the Jake Scenario for like four minutes, cause I couldn't take playing this game any more, if this game was a new IP I might be a little interested. It's almost as if Capcom is trying to sell us what they think we want, instead of making a great Resident Evil game. Right after I was done I deleted the demo from my hard drive and never looked back. Resident Evil 6 Demo made me do the complete opposite of what it was intended to do, Make me want to buy the game. It just made me pop in Resident Evil 2 or play Dead Space 2 for the first time. Besides... Resident Evil 6 Gold is right around the corner anyway, I'll just wait until it's in the bargain bin.

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