Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Top 5 Video Game Characters, That Need to be BITCH-SLAPPED!

With all the Video Game Characters out there, they're are quite a few characters that really bring my piss to a boil. Some I just think are quite ridiculous from showing complete stupidity at the wrong times, and others just annoy me. This is my top five Video Game Characters that need to be bitch slapped.

Otacon MGS 1

 Ok come on lets be real for a sec... No one, and I mean no one liked Otacon when we first met him. He was a winey little bitch, who pissed his panties and asked us about love, when bullets are flying. He was quite annoying and needed a bitch slap, but the Vagina grew on us like Crabs, and stayed by our side in the end.

Elliot Salem
Now before I continue on Salem, I'm talking Salem from the 1st game. I don't know who the Salem from the 2nd game is. For all I know it wasn't him at all, but in the 1st installment Elliot Salem was  annoying but badass at the same time. and would ask stupid questions at the wrong time, and his time was due for a pretty good bitch slap when he asks you about a Ghostface Killah Album in the middle of a god damn War Zone.

Oh! NO! HE DIDN'T!, oh yes I did, I'm going there. He's Angry through more than three games, He likes orgies, but still upset, so that means he gets bitches. He gets his revenge, but still upset...Really!?......BITCH SLAP!

Cloud Strife
OHHHH! Shit! Yes I messing with Mr. Amnesia, Now don't get me wrong, I liked Cloud... at first. Even through the fact when I found out he was living someone else memories. He was quiet, yet determined... but after watching Advent Children...*Sigh* Quiet and Depressed. You just saved a fucking planet... Get over it! BITCH SLAP!!!
Nathan Drake

Bet you didn't see this coming huh... now most of you know, I'm a huge Uncharted fan, Hell I'm a Fanboy for this game, but I have to say. Nathan Drake is a Grade A Asshole, what kinda dick continuously peer pressures his friends into risking they're lives with him. It's bad enough He barley makes it out of his own situations, but he has this way of convincing the people around him to do the same. Then when they either get seriously injured or killed off, that's when he's sorry...BITCH SLAP TIMES 10 WITH A ADDED KAYOKEN, AND SOME HADUKENS.

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