Saturday, February 25, 2012

Splatterhouse Review

A violent retro game, known for it's over the top violence and gore. Splatterhouse is the new reboot to a classic juggernaut on the Sega master system, Sega Genesis, and Arcades. Can this Fresh new look push us to want more Splatterhouse games, or does it push us go to the options menu, to play the original.
You play as Rick Taylor, a college student who somewhat comes off as a smart looking geek, who want to be a metal head. Once you press the start button, the game wastes no time to throw you right into the action. Rick's on the floor laying in a pool of his own blood, in a mansion, only to see his girlfriend Jennifer being pulled away against her will by some, crazy Doctor or Scientist. On the floor next to Rick is a creepy looking mask, that persuades him to put the mask on to grant him the power to rescue his beloved Jennifer. Yes the mask talks, It's a Demon mask known as the Terror Mask, see that explains everything, It's a talking... Demon... Mask.
The gameplay point of the game has it's ups and downs, the fighting and mechanics of the game feel pretty smooth, yet falls short during segments where there are platforming involved. Jumping from place to place feels kinda sluggish, almost as if your trying to do something but the game says, NOPE! can't do that, you got to do it like this. It gets frustrating at times but once you get past it, its like a breath of fresh air. At some points in the game I had some sound problems, almost like they completely forgot to put a sound effect in certain parts of the game, It kinda messes up the believability of the game. The fighting is so satisfying, it uses a formula a lot of third person hack n slash games use, hit your enemy until he glows, issue quick time event. After a while it gets old, seeing the same old brutal finishing moves that Rick can orchestrate, but after coming out of a hard ass kicking with 8 monsters at the same time, you gladly welcome those quick time events. Also your able to build Ricks stats by spilling blood, yea I'm not joking, you get rewarded blood points for beating the crap out of something, Rick has a pretty good arsenal of light and heavy attacks, along with building his health bar and how strong he is with weaponry. Your also able to strengthen the mask so that it turns Rick into some raging Masked-Man beast. What does he look like you ask?, well picture the Hulk and Jason Vorhees having kid that was born on PCP, and tripping balls on Acid. This transformation comes in handy farther into the game.
The Narrative of this game, you would assume it would be horrible, and corny. But it's actually really surprisingly good, the voice acting is hollywood status, and big ups to Jim Cummings who did the voice of the Terror Mask, everything that came out of the actor's mouth was believable. The symbiotic relationship between Rick and The Terror Mask was great, listening to the conversations they have about the future, what's the mask's goals, even diving into Rick's and Jenny's relationship. There is even light comedy in the game, and the funniest character, is the Mask. It's well written with a hint of corny but not too much... cause then... that would kinda suck.
Overall it's a good game, it's just not a great game, It has it's flaws. It doesn't do it's job to be remembered as one of the greats. But it does it's job to be a cult classic amongst a few. Great narrative, awesome cast, pretty good gameplay, and a few tech issues. It's a pretty good buy. At least it's not another shooter.


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