Friday, February 17, 2012

Final Fantasy 13-2 : Want the ending? Cough up the Dough!

Now I'm sure a lot of people have touched on this situation, but I figure, hey what they hell? Let me put in my two cents. Now before I continue, let me get this out the way: I like Final Fantasy, but I haven't bought a title since Final Fantasy X became a greatest hit. In my opinion, that's when the games started sucking, every character was sad about something, instead of being motivated, way too much melodrama, and what is up with every fucking character in their games being filled with zippers on top of zippers and belts??? I'm happy to say I haven't bought a Final Fantasy title since. Now that's been seen through, let's get to the matter at hand and eloquently get through this rant with excessive uses of the word "FUCK!"
Now that I've played Final Fantasy 13, by God am I happy I didn't pay for the fucking piece of incomplete shit. It was terrible! Why give me a party of characters if I can only control ONE FUCKING PERSON?! There is so much wrong with this game, from characters to gameplay design, but that's not what the issue is. Two weeks ago Final Fantasy 13-2 was released, oh God!....they made a sequel to an already shitty game. I laughed... then heard people actually bought this shit stain. WHAT!? You mean there are people that didn't learn the first time, now I hear gamers are pissed because SquareEnix announced that you have to buy the ending to the game.
I laughed some more, I don't fucking believe it, Capcom is trying to be dethroned by SquareEnix, not only by selling you an incomplete game, but by also charging devoted lovers of the series for the FUCKING ENDING. That's like going to Burger King and ordering a whopper, only to receive your high calorie goodness without the beef patty, and them telling you come next week to purchase your piece of beef after I've already paid FULL FUCKING PRICE.
The only thing that upsets me is that these fucking devoted fans are actually going to buy into this, just because of the fact they love the series, yet fail to see the damage the fans themselves cause. By buying this, it opens doors for other developers to do the same fucking shit because they see a profit can be made. Just because you're a fan, it doesn't mean you're a fucking retard that walks around with your wallet open, so that companies can nickel and dime your emo j-pop loving ass.
I hate to say it, but hardcore fans of Final Fantasy have low fucking standards, you can put the FF title in front of anything and they'll still fucking buy it. There should be no complaining from these gamers because you're always going to spend your hard earning, minimum wage check to Square CO.

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