Saturday, February 4, 2012

Indigo Prophecy Review

I forgot I even owned a copy of this game, I decided to pop it in a couple of days ago, and I just now finished it.

On the surface, Indigo Prophecy seems like a great game, and you know what! it is, for it's time. You almost have a full package with this game, great graphics, awesome soundtrack, and whoa!!! what a story. It just falls a little short on the game play end.
 Indigo Prophecy reminds me of Heavy Rain, seeing as Indigo Prophecy came out first it's the other way around, this game is full of (QTE) quick time events and button mashing, but the game's story keeps you so drawn in, you forgot that your fingers were hurting from quickly mashing on the shoulder buttons.

Now Indigo Prophecy is a supernatural, science fiction, action, mystery, noir, yeah I know that was a mouth full. It's all of these in one and it tells it's story so well, it's hard to put the controller down after the first 5 minutes of the game.
You actually see the story from five different perspectives, the main focus is on a character by the name of Lucas Kane, you start the game as Lucas who has just brutally murdered a Stranger in the a Diner's Restroom, the catch is, He doesn't remember doing it.
Next is two New York City Detectives by the names of Carla Valenti, and her Partner Tyler Miles, after the murder you play as these two, who are sent to investigate the murder. Carla has a great eye and follows her gut, she seems to be a conspiracy theorist who has a phobia of close tight spaces. Tyler is a workaholic who loves his job, but has problems with his lover, cause she doesn't want him to be a cop on the dangerous streets of NYC.
Next is Markus Kane, Lucas's brother, he also plays a big role in the present story, and Lucas's back story. I don't want to spoil who the fifth character is, just know when you get to select him, WHOA!!!
The game play is solid, the controls are clunky at times though, because of some areas in the game has a Resident Evil style fixed camera angles, but you just simply walk up to any object that the game reads if you can interact with it or not, flick the right joystick up, and an in-game cut scene pops up where the character interacts with the object and furthers the story. Then there is the action scenario, where there is a ton of button mashing and QTE. These can get rather tire-some and your not watching the great scenes because your waiting for another event to pop up. The QTE usually involves you moving the right and left joysticks in the direction the game tells you to, it would have been nice to actually play these parts of the game.
The game's graphic and narrative really make the game that much better, who ever wrote this story needs a medal, the game grabs you right from the start. A little bit towards the middle, it gets a little weird, but that just makes you want to keep on going, the mystery of wanting to know why Lucas killed someone and doesn't remember, drives you to the bitter sweet end. The design of the city really grabs that grittiness of New York City streets, there are even some points in the game where it looks so good it's a little creepy.
Indigo Prophecy is the prime example of great Narrative, and Design, It does things so right within it's story and convincing Characters, that you could easily over look the clunky controls. If your looking for a great psychological Thriller, give this game a test drive.


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