Sunday, June 3, 2012

Female Protaganist in Military Shooters

Now we have plenty of First Person Shooters, they are practically flooding the market, and plenty of people are getting quite fatigued by it, including myself. Now I like military shooters, but when they all begin to look alike and tell the same damn story, it gets.... well how do I say this... well it gets freaking boring. Another thing I noticed is, where's all the damn women.
Now I understand that there is going to be that one trollish asshole to say "Ugh who wants to play as a fucking girl" Hell I would like to see what they're side of spectrum of war looks like from there eyes. I've done I'm the male hardcore badass who's seen plenty of combat, I know there is women in the military, I know two who are currently in the marines.
If this is another marketing thing, and they are catering to just the male ego, then you know what... whatever, I'm just saying it would be nice to see a change, cause women play BF3 and MW as well as men.

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  1. Maybe this should be directed to a different genre of games, because until females are featured prominently on the front lines of war, I don't think you should expect military shooters to beat them to the punch.

    But you never know.