Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Unplayed - Freedom Fighters Review

Freedom Fighters is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most creative Third-Person shooters to ever come out on the Playstation 2. It has an engaging storyline, Squad mechanics, and a brilliant musical score that sets the mood for every mission you take on. Freedom Fighters is a cult classic, it's so much of a classic game in fact, that when Turning Point: Fall of Liberty was Annouced, you couldn't help think Freedom Fighters. When the story of Homefront came to light, you could not help but think... HEY?? What ever happened to FREEDOM FIGHTERS.
Freedom Fighters story is set in an alternate time-line, where the Soviet Union ended World War II, by creating the Nuclear Bomb First and dropping it over Berlin. So picture the Soviet Union being the most powerful country in the world, and the United States is second rate. Over the course of time they invade countless country, and the great US of A, is on this country we're going to dominate next list. You play as Christopher Stone, a plumber who's doing a daily routine with his brother, to go unclog some woman's sink, only to walk into the leader of the Resistance home, that gets crashed by AK47 carrying Soviet Soldiers, On a Monday Morning.
The game-play for Freedom Fighters is solid and easy to learn, you can run and gun, although it's not recommended if your playing on Normal or anything higher than that difficulty, cause you will die a lot, trust me. You have to use cover, but because this is an older game, there is no cover system. So boys and girls, take off those diapers that this generation has given you, run behind those box and crates and press that crouch button like there's no tomorrow. Throughout the game you have to take over certain bases and blow up different structures such as helipads and electric generators, doing these things makes other missions easier. Not getting it... Ok, let me explain. If there is a Chopper in Queens, shooting at your squad, Go over to Brooklyn, blow up the helipad with the Chopper on it, and it won't show up at queens anymore, get it now, Chopper go bye bye. Squad mechanics is where you have most of your fun, you can recruit Freedom Fighters right off the street to fight along side you. You can issue your brave Men and Women to regroup, defend, or attack. What makes the system really impressive is, everything you do such as, healing a wounded civilian, to blowing up bridges or infrastructures gains you more charisma. Charisma represents how much the people believe in you, and the more people that believe in you, grants you more Fighters you can recruit and take into battle.
The game's Narrative is told, at points when your at the Resistance's base of operations, through the supporting cast letting you know what going on in the city streets, or thorough a Soviet propaganda News channel on a Television shown in between acts. What really pushes this game, is its soundtrack, the musical score that Freedom Fighters puts out, makes you feel the emotion of what the Freedom Fighters are going through, and what they lost in the process. This game's music is iconic to fans of the series, hell by the time I was finish, my girlfriend was humming the theme.
Overall, It's damn there awesome!!!, there is nothing wrong with this game, the AI is a challenging, your squad listens, they take cover where needed, and the game emotionally grabs you right from the start. Even to this day, I still pop it in and play it all the way from beginning to end, cause it's just that damn good. We don't get games like this anymore, EA!!! Listen to the fans.......

OVERALL - 10 out of 10

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